Hokuto Ga Gotoku produljen video pokazuje izvan vremena igranja

Fist of North Star or Hokuto Ga Gotoku dobro se oblikuje prema Segi i Yakuza Studio, onima koji razvijaju igru ​​koja je u pitanju, a koja je u Japanu u ožujku 8th za PS4, Iako još nijedan zapadni izdanje nije objavljen, tu je novi videozapis uživo koji se prikazuje više od sat vremena Hokuto ga Gotoku igranja.

We’ve seen art for the new Hokuto ga Gotoku by Tetsuo Hara, which channels older manga/anime art for the upcoming game’s box cover. We’ve also seen various gameplay footage during TGS 2017, as well as pressure point action system through older videos.

On the topic of this pressure point action system, it is possible to use these skills such as “Abeshi Collection” to collect the remarks uttered by dying enemies. This one opts for vocalized letters realized as characters (or words) as pick-ups.

If this game, which is more like a spin-off of the Yukaza series, seems interesting you can watch a newly published live stream video that Sega has posted up not too long ago.

The video was once live streamed during an official broadcast of the Yakuza Studio. For those who happen to have missed the whole stream and wish to watch it right here you will be able to do so.

The video starts around the 21: 33 and ends around the 01: 24: 30 ocjena.

If you happen to be a fan of the Yakuza series of games and Hokuto ga Gotoku, there’s no doubt that you’ll more than likely take to this game. Sadly, though, no Western release has been announced meaning that it could be a while before fans outside of Japan can get their hands on this game.

Konačno, Hokuto ga Gotoku is due for a PS4 release on March 8th in Japan. A standard version was announced alongside a Century’s End Premium edition.