Spike Chunsoft objavljuje podružnicu Sjeverne Amerike

Spike Chunsoft je najavio da će kao cjelina donijeti novu sjevernoameričku podružnicu koja će se nositi s nekim od svojih igara. Ovaj potez će vidjeti naslove Spike Chunsoft i 5pb matične tvrtke MAGES koje objavljuje Long Beach, California Spike Chunsoft, Inc. u bliskoj budućnosti.

That’s right, the company based in Japan that is better known as Spike Chunsoft Co., Ltd., has established Spike Chunsoft Inc., in the U.S., recently. The latter is stationed in Long Beach, California and will serve as a base of “operations” for its “global publishing” and “localization strategy”.

It’s worth noting that this could mean anything. Gamers could see more games by Spike Chunsoft brought over without blemish or this move could mean more censored titles, but it is worth noting to keep an eye on Spike Chunsoft, Inc., if you are a fan of their games.

Furthermore, this information comes from spike-chunsoft.co.jp, which is followed by the CEO Mitsutoshi Sakurai’s note:

“Ever since our merger in 2012, we at Spike Chunsoft have dedicated ourselves to creating fun and unique titles. Our world today is more connected than ever — we can play games with people across the globe and exchange information in multiple languages instantaneously.


But even as information is more easily shared, the world still holds a wealth of undiscovered entertainment. As Spike Chunsoft, it is our goal to cultivate this potential into something new and memorable that transcends time, genre, and nationality.


Until now, our titles were produced in Japan and distributed worldwide by our business partners. But given how the instantaneous speed of information has become the norm, we believe that communicating with our overseas audience directly is a new avenue for us to create joy.


Spike Chunsoft, Inc. connects us with our fans and their passion to producing more of the fun and unique titles the global community has come to expect from us.


We can’t wait to say “Hello, world!””

Moreover, it is said that we will hear much more about this new branch of Spike Chunsoft, better known as Spike Chunsoft, Inc., when Game Developers Conference 2018 or GDC 2018 rolls around.

In addition to the above, GDC 2018 is set to kick-off come March 19th and will end on March 23rd. At this event the company will supposedly show of new games and demos, as well as unveil the second “invite-only” event pertaining to its global expansion plans.

You can learn more about Spike Chunsoft’s North American branch and GDC 2018 plans by hitting up spike-chunsoft.co.jp.

Lastly, what do you think of this move? Do you think it will help or hinder Spike Chunsoft?