Diddy Kong Racing Future Dance Land EDM album Tribute sada je dostupan

Diddy Kong Racing

Materia Collective je to najavio Budućnost plesne zemlje: elektronički danak Diddy Kongu trenutačno je trenutno dostupan za kupnju digitalnih distribucijskih mjesta koja sudjeluju, uključujući Bandcamp, iTunes i Spotify.

The album pays tribute to the classic N64 3D racing game as part of the 20th anniversary of the game’s original release, complete with 20 electronic dance music remixes based on the game’s original OST.

Album producer and arranger Nicholas Arden Day (aka Nikolyst), commented in the press release about why Diddy Kong Racing above all other titles was getting the remix treatment, and Day explained…

“Diddy Kong Racing contains some of my all-time favorite game music,” “I felt it was only fitting to combine these catchy tunes with EDM. Once I discovered the 20th anniversary of Diddy Kong Racing was approaching, the idea for this album was born.”

Ima smisla.

You can view the full track list below.

  1.  Trap Kong
  2.  The Lap Before Time
  3.  Jungle TechnoFalls
  4.  Hoota Buta No Regrets 2017
  5.  Gonna Get Tricky
  6.  Going Down an Ever Happy Downward Trajectory Incline
  7.  Walrus Cove (Icetown Remix)
  8.  A Blue Walrus (Gotta Beat Bluey)
  9.  Pirate Lagoon
  10.  The Secret Trance
  11.  Seaside Ride (FACT.50 Remix)
  12.  Boulder Canyon
  13.  Psykong
  14.  Wizpig
  15.  Star City the Third
  16.  SpaceParty Alpha
  17.  Totally Radical Orbit
  18.  Wizpig
  19.  Timber’s Beach Party
  20.  Hot Top Volcano, But Sexy

If you are unsure about whether or not you want an EDM remix album based on an N64 racing game best known for its multi-vehicle options to ride on land, in the air, or in the water, you can listen to the tracks courtesy of the Bandcamp preview.

The collection of unorthodox remixes of Diddy Kong Racing songs is currently available for digital purchase for $10.

You can grab a copy of the album from over on Bandcamp, through your iTunes account, ili putem Spotify.