Resident Evil 7 prikolica Savjeti koji Skinny Chris ne može biti pravi Redfield

Ono što je postalo poznato kao mršavi ili ispuhani Chris Redfield, sada se smatra navijačima nekakvim dvojnikom "pravog" glomaznog Chrisa Redfielda, zahvaljujući Capcomovom novom "Sewer Gators Vol. 2-inčna prikolica koja uzburkava malo jezive paste.

If you don’t know, a lot of gamers expressed their stance on the new look of Chris Redfield for better and for worse. However, the latter took more precedence than that of the former, which seems like Capcom is either playing on or had setup all along as a plot twist.

Well, if you happen to be in the field of thinking that the “heroic” Chris Redfield is not the hero portrayed in the DLC “Not A Hero”, you might just be on to something.

Pored gore navedenog, lik se pojavljuje na kraju vanilije priče Resident Evil 7, iako s ispuhanim izgledom i povezanošću s Umbrella Corporation.

Furthermore, Capcom has seemingly released a new trailer that goes by the name of “Sewer Gators Vol. 2”, which stands to be an unlisted video as of this writing.

The video sees a guy going over the validity of Redfield by looking at a mysterious tape. The guy seems baffled by Redfield’s look and his association with Umbrella, but you can be the judge of that by checking out the new trailer courtesy of Resident EvilKanal.

There’s no telling if Capcom is pulling strings on gamers just to see what comes out of this situation regarding Chris Redfield’s identity in Resident Evil 7. Sadly, folks won’t know until the DLC drops for mass consumption, but the “Not A Hero” DLC isn’t set to launch across PC, PS4, and Xbox One until December 12th.

Od sada, Resident Evil 7 trenutno je dostupan i dostupan za igranje za iste platforme kao što je gore navedeno.

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