Planeta majmuna: Posljednja granica je kino igra bez igranja

Planet Apes Last Frontier

Nascent razvijen od strane Imaginati radi na dovršavanju svoje licencirane temeljene kinematografske interaktivne igre, Planet majmuna: Posljednja granica, Projekt je objavio Imaginarium, na čelu s veteranskim glumcem Andyjem Serkisom.

U ekskluzivnom sa IGN, founder of Imaginati, Martin Alltimes, explained what the gameplay won’t consist of but lets gamers know what it will consist of, saying…

“There’s no opening and closing drawers, no searching through inventories. It’s all about you making choices that affect relationships with other characters and, in the long term, how those relationships play out, and how the story plays out. It’s a creative risk, but when we talked to everyone on the team, they really believed in it. It would have been very easy for us to copy what had gone before.”

If you think this is starting to sound like a Ninja Theory game, you’re giving them too much credit.

Dok Hellblade: Senua žrtva also aimed to be a “cinematic” experience, and failed to wrought savvy, noteworthy gameplay into its six-hour runtime, it did at least have combat mechanics. You won’t even get that in Planet majmuna: Posljednja granica.

Instead, the game will center around a group of apes attempting to survive the winter while food shortages ravage their numbers. Players won’t be in direct control of any characters, but instead will make predetermined choices that alter the outcome of the story. A six minute gameplay clip below demonstrates just how much you won’t be playing.

Grafički tim želi pogoditi sličnu vjernost Rat za planetu majmuna movies, but it’s obvious they’re a long way off.

Imaginati is hoping to leverage the use of Quantic Dreams’ cinematographer Steve Kniebihly in order to setup preset camera shots throughout the game, so that the fixed-focus framing will allow for higher optimization and higher visual fidelity as opposed to free-moving cameras like in most games.

Tehnički, Planet majmuna: Posljednja granica bit će još manje igra od prosječnog simulatora za šetnju, što je ozbiljno postignuće za igranje bez igranja.

Odmaknuto, pretpostavljam da je možemo usporediti s vizualnim romanom, osim duljine Posljednja granica će se produžiti samo na tri sata. Međutim, programeri se nadaju višestrukim playthroughovima.

S obzirom na njegovu kratku dužinu i nedostatak interaktivnosti, puno grijeha igrača koji su komentirali dio s pravom pitaju jesu li Planet majmuna: Posljednja granica will only cost about as much as a movie given that it offers about the same experience? It’s a good question.

Imaginati’s game is due for release on PC, PS4 i Xbox Jedna ove jeseni.