Hell Warders, 4-igrač Co-op Akcija Tower-obrana igra traži sredstva na IndieGoGo

Pakao čuvari

Ares Games, mali indie studio koji se nalazi u Hong Kongu, trenutno traže sredstva za svoju kooperativu s četiri igrača, akciju Tower Defense Pakao čuvari.

The team is looking to secure $10,000 for the project over the next 25 days in order to utilize the funds to round out the development of the title and prep for Early Access on Steam this June. They only plan to spend three months in Early Access before they move on and release fully on Steam. How well they keep to that time table is anyone’s guess, but as we all know there are hiccups and unforeseen challenges that can pop up during development that can very easily disrupt the timetable and set things behind. Ultimately, though, they’re gunning for September for the full release of the game.

Sama igra sadrži četiri likova po razredu, svaki sa svojim posebnim sposobnostima i potezima. Postoje i posebne obrane koje se mogu koristiti, kao i zamke koje ometaju neprijateljske snage, a ne slične Dungeon Defenders or Orci moraju umrijeti.

The game’s visuals look pretty good. The design of the characters maintains a basic level of appeal and the atmosphere and environments are clearly not lacking when it comes to detail and the typical medieval-fantasy aesthetic.

However, there is a bit of an issue when it comes to the character’s animations, hit-detection and combat poise. The game suffers from being a bit stiff and the attacks definitely lack oomph and proper feedback from enemies that make them look impactful. I think one of the more distracting things about the video was that the gunner class had practically zero recoil effects in his animations when firing the weapons, making it look like he was wielding Nerf guns; not that there’s anything wrong with Nerf, but usually when you’re engaged in a deadly battle for survival gamers expect some hardcore looking shooting and combat on display.

Hopefully during the Early Access phase (assuming they can hit their $10,000 goal on IndieGoGo) they’ll fix up some of the character animations.

They’ve recently held a beta test over the weekend but they also plan on holding an additional beta tests up through the end of May. Hopefully they’ll take what feedback they receive to heart so that they can improve the game ahead of its official launch this fall.

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