Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Hacker’s Memory Gains New Details

Digimon fans should be excited given that there’s some new information to look over now that Bandai Namco released a bevy amount of news pertaining to Digimon priča: Cyber ​​Sleuth Hackerova memorija and its content. The game is currently set to come out sometime this year in Japan and early XNUMX in the West for PSXNUMX and PS Vita.

Jumping right into the meat, Bandai Namco recently published information about Digimon priča: Cyber ​​Sleuth Hackerova memorija that covers the new Domination Battle system, new characters, Arata Sanada and much more.

First up comes the conflict between hackers and how it has erupted to another level in the digital world. Yuugo is a talented and charismatic hacker leading the biggest hacker group called Zaxon. They are noted to fight for their rights against Jude — the legendary hacker team — led by the former hacker Arata Sanada, who is joined by a few other crew members.

Looking over to Domination Battle, this feature sees a battle between groups of hackers for control over the server domain in the digital world. Upon going forth in a group, players will experience a strategy game warfare, noted to be unlike any other battle in the game.

In addition to Domination Battle, there are two different teams: Ally team and Enemy team that will battle in the network area. Both teams will begin or start a match on neutral tiles, and the color of the area will change according to the team — like Red or Blue — when a character steps on it.

Lastly, XNUMX marks Digimon’s XNUMXth Anniversary and to celebrate the franchise’s latest landmark the devs will bring a new Digimon to the game which is Zubamon and all three of its Digivolutions.

Digimon priča: Cyber ​​Sleuth Hackerova memorija is set to release for PSXNUMX and PS Vita in XNUMX in Japan, and will later debut in the West sometime early XNUMX. More information can be found regarding Digimon Story by hitting up Bandai Namco’s Twitter stranica.

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