Todd Howard Razgovori Fallout 4 VR dolazi u E3 2017

On je govorio, Godd Howard, mem, i Fallout 4 VR će biti prikazan na ovogodišnjem E3 2017. Tijekom intervjua na PAX East 2017, Bethesdin potpredsjednik za odnose s javnošću i marketing, Pete Hines, također je razradio neke stvari u vezi s Toddom Howardom i Fallout 4 VR na ovogodišnjem nadolazećem E3.

If you thought “It Just Works” is cool, well another line will follow suit, insofar that publication site GameRant posted up Godd Howard talking about Fallout 4 VR,  which reads:

„Fallout 4 VR je najnevjerojatnija stvar koju ste ikada vidjeli u životu. Ne možete ni zamisliti kako je to igrati u VR-u i koliko je realno izgledati svugdje gdje okrenete glavu. "

Remember this everyone, that quote above is the exact words of Godd Howard…

Furthermore, Bethesda’s Vice President of PR and Marketing, Pete Hines, took up an interview with Hip Hop Igre na PAX East 2017 da je stranica objavljivanja također uključena, što otkriva da je demo Fallout 4 VR will be present at the upcoming E3 2017 event at the company’s press conference.

Backing Godd Howard up, Hines noted too that the post-apocalyptic VR game will “blow your mind.” I’m not sure if the VR version of Fallout 4 will actually blow gamers’ minds, but having a go with VR (PSVR to be exact) myself, it really does take you out of this world and into another, which is pretty cool. I just don’t like that there are quite a bit of crappy games out for VR in general, but hopefully much better titles will come out in the near future.

U svakom slučaju, od ljudi se očekuje da vide neke lude stvari prema Howardu u verziji VR FO4 will be the most “craziest thing you’ve ever seen.” Please take those words from Godd Howard with a grain of salt until proven true, otherwise disappointment has a high chance of filling you up.

Na kraju, stranica objavljivanja napominje da ljudi mogu vidjeti više nego samo Fallout 4 VR at this year’s E3, but I should warn you that this latter information that’s about to come up sits on the rumor side, so I’d thought to warn you before taking this as fact. The site notes that we could see Zlo Unutar 2-a, Wolfenstein: Novi Kolos a Starjecem pomiče 6 na događaju u lipnju.

But you know what, Godd Howard is known for singing a certain song, but I can’t quite remember it…