Tiger Knight Empire War vodič: Kako da biste dobili SS rang na svim misijama Training

Ovo je vodič za Tiger Knight: Empire War, i kako postići SS rang za sve misije obuke. Ako ste lovac postignut poput mene i želite bonus Honor bodove, evo što trebate učiniti da biste dovršili svaku misiju.

Before you get started, make sure you have a ping lower than 120 and a smoother frame rate that is higher than 30 FPS. If your FPS and ping are not smooth then it will be impossible to complete the below missions. Go ahead and run through all the missions and get Rank C or above just to unlock all the training missions. Furthermore, you won’t be able to cheat your way through these missions, they all take a lot of skill and practice.

Odlomak Target Goal for SS Rank Is Over 1,200 points, however, you can also reach SS rank by completing the mission perfectly without missing any targets, getting hit, or completing the mission quickly with a high accuracy rate.


Chopping Training: I completed this one perfectly with a score of 850 and got SS rank, so I didn’t have to get 1,200 points. The best way to beat this one is to learn how to perform melee combos so that you can hit multiple targets at once quickly. If you see two logs stuck together it means you have to perform a charge hit. The timing for the charge hits can be tricky, especially when multiple double logs come up back to back, but this is the easiest challenge out of all the training missions, so you should be able to complete it rather quickly.

Streličarstvo: You unlock Archery by getting Rank C or above from Parry training. If you don’t know how to shoot the bow, please read my Tiger Knight archery guide for details. You can complete the archer training mission by doing the basic archery training, you don’t need to do the horseback one to get SS rank (because that is harder). As soon as the mission starts, equip the longbow and take about four steps back (longbow works better at a distance). Using Charging shots to hit two targets at once will give you bonus EXP, but that isn’t necessary. Just focus on hitting the bullseye for as many targets as you can and remember that arrows shoot slightly left center, so you must compensate by aiming a bit more to the right of the target. If you can get 1,200 points you will get SS rank.

Horseback training: You will unlock horseback training by getting rank C or above from Archery training. I was able to get SS rank by getting 1,060 score, which was 25 dummy hits. The horse they give you can dash twice, giving you an insane speed boost. As soon as one dash wears off, dash again. If you want a lot of score you will need to be in a constant Dash state. More Speed= More Damage = More score. Use the Mace to destroy metal armor, use the Sword to destroy leather armor, and use the Spear to destroy cloth armor. You will need to be fast and switch weapons quickly. An easy way to get a good start is to keep restarting the horse mission until you see two or three cloth armor dummies in a row standing in the beginning (it randomizes). As soon as the mission starts, activate the dash and hit the first two cloth dummies with your charging dash attack, your character will automatically hold the spear in a jousting position; dash again to hit the third dummy. If done correctly you will get 70+ damage per hit which will give you a huge boost in score. If you miss a target it is better to just dash ahead to the next one instead of trying to slow down to hit the target. This was one of the hardest training missions and took me about a week to complete it to achieve SS rank. If you miss two or three in a row, just restart.

Parry Training: To unlock parry training you first need to get Rank C or above with chopping training. Depending on your skill level, Parry training is probably the most difficult out of all the training missions. Every time you take a hit you will lose score, so the more hits you take, the more score you will lose and you will fail the mission. Even if you get 1,200 score, you will still only get S rank if you take too many hits. Don’t bother fighting Guan Yu, he can feint his attacks and switch quickly, and he can also perform special combo moves out of nowhere; it is literally impossible to block them. Instead, fight Cao Ren and Cao Chun. It will be difficult at first, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll start hitting S rank every single try. At the start of the mission move to your right towards sword guy (it is actually an iron whip, but it looks like a sword). Block his first attack and then stand still so that they are both standing right in front of you standing still as well. If done correctly, sword guy will be on your right and spear guy on your left, if you need to, kick one of them using Q to stop their attack, then start blocking. This will cause them to alternate their attacks and you simply have to block one after the other. If they keep running around or trying to get behind you, restart the mission and try again until they stand still and behave themselves.

Actual Combat Training: You will need to reach Horse training rank C or higher to unlock Actual combat training. Go ahead and complete the first Easy mission, you can’t get SS rank with that one. When you unlock the second Normal combat level to reach wave 25, it will allow you to reach SS rank. You will also need to unlock at least Tier 7 weapons and armor for this, otherwise, you will struggle with lower level gear, so go level up your troops and get better gear. I highly recommend you bring a large shield to counter the archers, a horse, and a weapon with long range (either a spear or a bow) so that you can keep your distance. If your horse dies just steal a new one from an NPC.

Wave 12 has three men on horses, one has a bow and arrow, I highly recommend you kill him first or else he’ll cause problems, stealing the fast horse helps a lot as well.

Wave 15 has two generals, one of them is Han Dong, he has a bow and arrow. The second general has a spear and there are a few pikemen as well. Consider this as a mini-boss fight, but it isn’t that bad as long as you avoid the arrows. Take out the Pikemen first and it makes things a lot easier.

Wave 16 has a giant cavalry army, but they die in one hit if you charge them like Dynasty warriors and just melee combo them to death. Just keep an eye out for the two heavy foot soldiers and the enemy general with the long pike, he can do heavy damage if he hits you.

Wave 19 is the hardest because there will be a group of high-level archers and crossbowmen that shoot at you from multiple sides, so a large shield and a fast horse will come in handy. If you can survive this long then you have just reached S rank. From there you just have to survive a little longer and you’ll get SS rank.

After finishing Chopping, Parrying, Archery, and Horsemanship training with SS rank, you will get the special badge achievement “Elite Fighter” and will also earn 200 Honor points. What are honor points for? Stick around for my next guide and I’ll teach you how to use them to Get free Gold!

If you have any further advice or questions, please comment below.