Herald iz: Drama Interaktivna Period zemljišta na GOG.com

Razdoblje drama danas je rijetko. Svijet interaktivne zabave toliko se homogenizirao s previše rezača kolačića i iskušanih MOBA-a i pucačina, da je sjajno vidjeti tvrtku poput Wispfirea kako pokušava nešto novo ciljajući segment tržišta koji bi mogao biti zainteresiran za klasična pustolovna priča smještena tijekom alternativnog snimanja na početak 19. stoljeća.

Herald: An Interactive Period Drama: Book I & II launched together for the price of $9.99. The game sees players taking on the role of a certain Devan Rensburg, a mixed dude living in the 19th century in an alternate history where there’s one colonial superpower known as the Protectorate.

The Protectorate is divided by class, race and culture, and despite Rensburg being born in the east colonies, he was actually raised in the west – in the privileged upper echelon of the Protectorate’s capital.

Not content with not knowing about his past, his culture and the other side of his history, Rensburg decides to venture back to his homeland to discover his true roots, but things don’t go as planned when the voyage that sets sail ends up befalling a chaotic turn of events when a race war breaks out on the ship and Rensburg ends up tossed out of the boat and washes ashore in a foreign land.

You can check out the trailer for the game below to get an idea of what it’s like.

Hmm, citat iz poligona.

vizuelno Glasnik looks good for what it is. It has it’s own style and it’s bright and inviting. The character portraits also remind me of designs from the old-school point-and-click titles from the yesteryears of gaming.

Kao point-and-click avantura se čini da se više oslanjaju na karakter interakcije od tipičnih logika zagonetke.

Story wise they have an interesting premise, but in today’s society where a lot of games tackle interesting concepts and then turn them into preaching sessions for “Progressive” ideologies, it’s hard to tell where this game falls exactly.

Ako su likovi dobro napisano, a priča se odvija organski bi to moglo biti zanimljivo. Oni Čini se da se pokušava pokazati različite podjele s klasnom borbom tako da igrači don ulogu mješovitog karaktera koji dobiva vidjeti stvari s obje strane otoka.

Unfortunately the game doesn’t have any user reviews on hand yet, so if you decide to pick up a copy you’re going in blind. You can learn more by visiting the GOG.com stranica trgovine.