Bulletstorm Story Trailer globe glup budalaštine za ozbiljnu Narativno

Softver mjenjača možda je u kućici za pse kada je u pitanju zasluživanje poštovanja od igračke zajednice, ali i dalje pokušavaju sreću pokušavajući napraviti brzu banku na nekim remasteriranim igrama, uključujući Bulletstorm: Cijeli Clip izdanje, Predstojeći naslov upravo dobila obnavljanja trailer za priču u igri, za one od vas koji su ili zaboravili o priči ili nije znao o tome za početak.

The two minute trailer was let loose into the wild, and you can check it out below to see what they have in store for gamers when Bulletstorm: Cijeli Clip izdanje makes its way back onto store shelves starting April 7th.

Very interesting cut of the game.

The trailer is a complete 180 from the previous trailers they used to originally promote the game when it came out back in 2011, which was filled with jokes and satire and goofiness. Then again, there were so many shooters flooding the market back then that Bulletstorm was just another node on the over-saturated grid of FPS titles.

In fact, you can see what they originally used as the launch trailer material for Bulletstorm with the trailer below, just to see how much of a contrast in tone the two promo pieces are.

The other trailer highlighting the story and gameplay was also more of a grunge, punk-rock action experience instead of the more straight-laced tone they went for with the new story trailer up above. You can check it out below.

This time around they seem to want to convey the importance of the story and the characters. To be honest, this is the first time I actually saw a trailer that really put across what the plot of the game was in a concise and easy to follow manner.

As far as being a remaster is concerned… I am a bit impressed with the asset details. Art-style and character design aside, you can see that on the one lead female the texture resolution is so high you can actually see the fine hairs on her skin through the reflection of the sun. That’s some impressive fidelity.

After Randy Pitchford, the president of Gearbox Software, embarrassed himself at PAX with a song about #GamerGate, it’s going to be a long walk back up to the top for the company. Ars Technica actually put Gearbox Software on deathwatch for 2017.