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Resident Evil 7 - Eveline

Resident Evil 7 has multiple endings depending on various distinct choices players can make at vital points in the game. There’s a good and bad ending in Resident Evil 7 but if you need a bit of help figuring out what happened, this guide clearly lays it out for you, whether you’re playing on PC, PS4, PSVR ili Xbox Jedan.

The game starts with two messages being played by Mia Winters to her husband Ethan Winters. In one message she’s jolly and telling him how much she misses him. In the second message she’s disturbed and tells him to stay away. This occurred in 2014, three years later in 2017 Ethan receives another cryptic message from Mia, and this time he follows it to Dulvey, Louisiana, to a seemingly abandoned farm house.

When Ethan gets there, he finds out that various people had gone missing when checking out the house since the owners, the Baker family, had seemingly gone missing as well. Nevertheless, using some old VHS recordings as a guide, Ethan discovers a hidden passageway through the fireplace that leads him down into a cellar where he finds a Mia… peacefully resting on a bed. He awakens Mia and the two plan their escape, but Mia is disturbed… troubled… and she didn’t want Ethan to find her.

Resident Evil 7

As Mia leads them out of the house she turns and attacks Ethan, forcing him to retaliate by striking her with an axe. Mia doesn’t die, though. A contorted face twisted into a monstrosity of rage and violence, Mia grabs a chainsaw and proceeds to maim Ethan’s arm, cutting it off above the wrist.

Ethan manages to find a gun and seemingly “kill” Mia… again. Only he’s knocked out by Jack Baker, the owner of the old plantation.

In reality, Mia did not just magically morph into an evil witch. It turns out that she was actually being controlled by an E-Series experiment known as Eveline, a powerful little girl who was part of a top secret experiment. In a flashback sequence it turns out that Eveline is in Mia’s mind, twisting and distorting her sanity, forcing her to act like a monster – Eveline tells Mia to punish and kill Ethan, which is what led to Mia cutting off Ethan’s arm and attempting to murder him with the chainsaw.

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Eveline had escaped from her holding cell aboard a research lab ship traveling down the Mississippi river. Mia’s job was to work as a caretaker over Eveline, who had delusions of wanting a family. Mia pretended to be her surrogate mother. Operations director Alan Droney hadn’t properly secured Eveline during one their tests and she managed to escape. They were unable to keep her constrained using the serums, and she began a rapid mutation process. As an E-virus test subject Eveline had the ability to use psychotropic distortions, hallucinations and suggestion to force people to do what she wanted, all through a psycho-physiological mutagen.

During a flashback to 2014, it’s discovered by Mia that Eveline gestated offspring in the form of regenerative mutants, some of which were formed from the ship’s crew members. Mia attempts to kill Eveline but fails, and instead finds herself engulfed by the mutagen and controlled by Eveline. Before Eveline takes over completely, Mia manages to send Ethan a message telling him to stay away and forget about her. She does this shortly before the entire ship crashes ashore.

However, during the three year period, Eveline had ventured outside the ship and began infecting any and everything nearby, including the Baker family; starting with Jack and working her way through Marguerite Baker, Jack’s wife, Lucas Baker, Jack’s son, and Zoe Baker, Jack’s daughter.

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Eveline ended up living with the Bakers due to her quickly deteriorating physical form. It’s explained in one of the reports that she has rapid cell growth, turning her into an old woman, thus making her physical form rather limited and bound to a wheelchair. She still has very strong psychic abilities, however, and still craves a loving family. Thus, Eveline uses Mia to send a message to Ethan to lure him to the plantation as one final attempt to create the family she always wanted.

Prije Ethan stigao, tijekom tri godine Eveline koristi obitelj Baker za zapošljavanje i rast njezinu obitelj, ali većina ljudi umrlo u tom procesu. Uspjela je nabaviti 13 ljudi koji su uspješno postali asimilirani kao čudovišta, dok drugi nisu uspjeli genetski prilagoditi i završio postaje ljudožder hrane.

Ethan uči od tih užasa, nakon što mu je ruka šivana natrag vlastiti koju Marguerite, i prisiljeni sudjelovati u odvratnom blagdan ljudskih i životinjskih organa.

Ethan uspijeva pobjeći prevrnuo i slomio stolicu, on će zatim nastaviti borbu Jack Baker u cijeloj vili, naizgled „ubija” ga rezanjem njegovo tijelo u pola s motornom pilom i puše njegov gornji dio tijela na komade.

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Ethan tada uspijeva ubiti Marguerite uz pomoć Zoe, njezine kćeri. Zoe obećava pomoći Ethan bijeg, pa čak mu nudi smjernice o tome kako bi se Mia, kao dobro. Zoe uspio izbjeći mutira poput Jacka i Marguerite jer joj je izloženost virusu bila minimalna, ali strahuje da će s vremenom izgubiti um poput Lucasa.

Zoe usmjerava Ethana oko nasada oporaviti neke stavke kako bi se stvorili lijek za D-serije virusa, što je ono što je obitelj Baker je zaražena. Nakon uzimajući nakratko zarobili Lucas, a zatim oslobodio Ethan - nakon Lucas snaga Ethan sudjelovati u nizu PILAnalik na zagonetke - Zoe concocts protuotrov, ali samo čini dovoljno za dvije osobe.

Prije nego što je u serumu može se primijeniti Jack Baker napada posljednji put kao divovski mutirani čudovišta. Ethan je u stanju pobijediti ga pomoću jedne od preparata u serumu. Nažalost, Ethan je prisiljena birati na bilo pomoći Zoe ili Mia. Ako Ethan odluči pomoći Mia, onda Zoe ostaje iza i Mia i Ethan ostaviti otići po pomoć. Ako Ethan odluči pomoći Zoe, onda Mia je ostavio iza sebe i Ethan i Zoe ići u pomoć.

Resident Evil 7 - Bad Datum kraja

Bad Datum kraja

If you help Zoe, you actually don’t help her at all. Essentially Zoe gets killed right after they leave the plantation. This occurs after Ethan and Zoe happen upon the crashed research boat. Eveline infects Zoe again and breaks her to pieces after solidifying her body. Ethan gets captured and Mia returns to the downed ship to find Eveline and rescue Ethan.

Mia manages to rescue Ethan, but ends up dying after Eveline takes control of her again and forces her to try to kill Ethan. Ethan impales Mia and she ends up turning to stone and crumbling to pieces. During Ethan’s time inside of Eveline’s cocoon he has a physic impulse from Jack Baker, who calmly explains that his family was normal but after being warped and controlled by Eveline, they turned into those monsters. Jack beckons Ethan to help free his family of Eveline’s psychic control and to kill her once and for all.

Ethan manages to track down an antidote for the E-Virus and battle Eveline one final time after he finds her in the old mansion, sitting in the wheelchair up in the attic. Ethan receives a bit of help from Redfield who drops Albert Wesker’s gun down to aid him during the final battle.

Redfield rappels dolje i pomaže Ethana na sigurno ga leti kući u korporacije Umbrella helikoptera.

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Dobro Datum kraja

If you have Ethan choose Mia to administer the antidote to you’ll get the good ending. Mia and Ethan leave Zoe behind and head to the old lab ship on their way out of the Baker’s plantation. Instead of dying, though, Mia is thrown off the boat and Ethan is captured. Mia proceeds to track down and save Ethan. Since she has the antidote in her stream, she doesn’t mutate and battles to resist the psychic influence from Eveline.

Ethan uspijeva napustiti brod, pronaći i ubiti Eveline a kad Redfield pojavi, Ethan se ujedinila sa Mia na helikopteru. Igra završava Ethan objašnjavajući da kad zatvori jedna vrata drugo otvara, i da on ima drugu priliku sa svojom ženom.