GunWorld 2 nadograditi na Super GunWorld 2 besplatno

U potrazi za strana-sklizanje igra za igranje s novim razinama, načini i poboljšane korisničko iskustvo? Pa, m07 Igre objavila da je njihov mali akcijski RPG indie naslova, GunWorld 2, Je nadograđen Super GunWorld 2, besplatno.

So what does the upgrade entail? Well, they’ve balanced out the gameplay to include better checkpoint placements, improved level designs for better navigation and usability. They’ve added brand new levels to the story mode, and also tweaked the levels in the rush mode. They completely redid some of the sprite work and spruced up some of the other art assets as well.

Dakle, ono što je Super GunWorld 2? Well, think of it as Stardew Valley zadovoljava Prigraničja. You gather resources, you plant seeds and you grow guns.

Yes, you grow guns.

The game retro-inspired title takes visual cues from old 8-bit side-scrollers from the NES, but combines in some of the more new-school elements of gameplay we’ve all come to expect from today’s generation of grind-’em-outs and rogue-likes.

Super GunWorld 2 came out last year in the spring, May to be exact. It features a robust single-player story, a local co-op mode and trading cards. There are only a few user reviews on hand but they all praise the developers for putting time and energy into bringing Super GunWorld 2 to life with an air of authenticity and serious dedication. They also had a lot of praise to give to the developers for their willingness to listen to the gaming audience and upgrade and improve the game based on community feedback. So that’s something to keep in mind if you do decide to check out the retro side-scroller.

Možete pokupiti digitalnu kopiju Super GunWorld 2 right now for $7.99. During the last remaining hours of the Steam Winter Sale you can get the game for 50% off the normal price for only $3.99 from over on the Parna trgovine upravo sada.