Donald Trump pridružuje Kick Ass komandosi Kao glumiti lik

Donald Trump igre

Predsjednik Elektrotehnika Donald Trump će to tek postati predsjednik SAD-a. Prije nego što to ukazanoj časti na svečanosti predsjedničke inauguracije, jedan programer odlučio je uzeti Donald na „što ako?” Putovanje kroz otvrdnu svijet Kick Ass komandosi.

Više na Parna stranica trgovine, developer Anarchy Enterprises announced that Trump is the new playable character in Kick Ass komandosi, pisanje…

“A new President means a new “Kick-Ass-Commando-In-Chief”! The Donald is here to kick ass and tweet about it, and he’s all out of tweets. Love him or hate him, he’s ready to pwn the enemy in 140 bullets or less. When The Donald pulls the trigger, the last thing they’ll hear is “You’re Fired!””

Come to think of it… with his brash demeanor, crass one-liners and ability to grab enemies by the you-know-what, Trump seems as if it just might fit in with the other die-hard, commando misfits after all.

Since video games got huge, Trump has been the first President to really get the meme treatment in games since Bill Clinton, who appeared or was referenced in a number of titles back in the 1990s, including Midway’s NBA Jam Serija.

Trump has been featured in everything from political simulators, to Američki Truck Simulator, to 2D platformers, to overhead shooters. The guy is extremely popular with the youth of the gaming community thanks to his over-the-top mannerisms and ridiculously infectious behavior (for better or for worse).

The update for version 1.04 for Kick Ass komandosi featuring Donald Trump was received with the same sort of division one would expect when mentioning the President Elect’s name in public. Some liked it, others hated it, but like one user claimed… “there are no brakes on the Trump Train”.

Možete pokupiti Kick Ass komandosi odmah za $ 9.99 više na Parna trgovine.