Sutra Djeca Novi Trailer otkriva službenog početka

Vrlo čudna igra poznata kao Sutra Djeca napokon stiže nakon nekog vremena tišine. Multiplayer igra dobila je novu prikolicu koja prikazuje sveukupnu igru ​​koju dolaze u Q-Games i SIE Japan Studio. Sutra Djeca je iz za sada PS4.

Uzimajući na, Dylan Cuthbert, President and Excutive Producer of Q-Games, announced that…

“Comrades! I’m absolutely thrilled to announce that The Tomorrow Children launches today and everyone is welcome to jump into this strange neo-Soviet alternative future we’ve created!”

Although I don’t really get this game, if you happen to find it interesting the new trailer sits below for your viewing pleasure. The trailer comes in by PlayStationEU.

The next trailer showing off the alternate Soviet universe revolves around the basics in the game. This includes mining, finding resources and getting food to survive. The video also comes in by PlayStationEU.

Looking over to the new blog post it’s been noted that new features are now in the game, like reviving Matryoshka dolls and reaching target population. In other words, it means that making the most contribution to restoration will award players with special points that can be exchanged for building permits, new void powers, and “other cool stuff!”

When a town is fully restored it is said to be frozen for posterity so that you can start working on another city. As of course, you will be able to go back to old or complete towns later in your journey.

I should note that the game will be pay to play during an early phase for Early Access on PS4. Sometime later in the game’s lifespan it will go free, this will let fans of the game enjoy it without spending a buck.

For more details pertaining to this game you can head on over to the