Ember, Baldur's Gate-Esque RPG zemljišta na parnom rujna 7th

505 igre i N-Fusion Interactive su to najavili Žeravica, klasično izrađena igra uloga, vidjet će svjetlo dana na Steamu počevši od rujna 7th sljedećeg tjedna.

Žeravica centers around a resource known as Embers that’s driving a wedge between the inhabitants of the world. Everyone wants this special resource even when a many of them don’t know what it does. Players take on the role of the Lightbringer, attempting to unfold a branching story while learning more about the druids from which the Lightbringer descends, and the Embers that everyone is seeking.

The game takes a lot of inspiration and shares some similarities to the Wizards of the Coast games from back in the late 1990s and early aughts. Jeff Birns, CEO and creative director of N-Fusion Interactive commented about the game and the inspiration behind the title, stating in the press release…

“It’s been exhilarating to see how much Ember has grown in the ten years since we began conceptualizing the title, especially as the gaming landscape has shifted away from these type of RPGs with some exceptions,” […] “In what started as a love letter to classic RPGs like Baldur’s Gate, Diablo and Ultima turned into a passion project by our team and it’s thanks to 505 Games that allowed us this opportunity to realize our vision.”

Birns je više razgovarao o igri u intervjuu koji je vodio ShackNews početkom mjeseca možete pogledati u nastavku, gdje možete vidjeti neke od igara u akciji, borbu i neke od umjetničkih stilova.

Izometrijska igra i tamne, srednjovjekovne-gotičke teme definitivno me tjera na razmišljanje Diablo , Igra će vidjeti igrače koji putuju kroz različite regije i udružiti se s različitim likovima kako bi dovršili zadatke.

There will be 20 hours worth of gameplay, 70 unique quests to complete, real-time combat with pause, and 20 handcrafted environments to explore, just like in the old days. There’s also a crafting system implemented with more than 150 recipes to acquire.

Igru možete potražiti sljedećeg tjedna za 7th za $ 9.99. Za više informacija slobodno posjetite Službena web stranica.