Download MAME 0.175 dodaje podršku za japansku verziju Zemlje obrambene snage

Japanska izvedba EDF: Zemaljske snage obrane je dodan kao jedan od mnogih, mnogo novih igara koje se mogu reproducirati na novom izdanju 0.175-a MAME-a.

News went out recently indicating that the latest version of the multi-arcade machine emulator was available for download. Over on the site they detail some of what’s new in this version of the long-running emulator.

The main page states…

“Many more Game Boy peripherals are now supported, including real-time clocks, light sensors and tilt sensors. This makes several previously unsupported games fully playable.


“This release includes improvements to the Sega Master System and SG-1000 emulation, including better SG-1000 expansion slot support, and drivers with correct clock speeds for South American Master System variants.”

I had no idea the MAME fully supported the Game Boy. I guess I never bothered to make use of those features.

But if you use other emulators for the portable systems and the MAME for the arcade games, you’ll be pleased to know that new clones like the four-player EAA version of Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles – Turtles in Time has been added, along with Super Pacman v1.2 with the Cherry Master Edition support, along with the USA Revision A version of Marvel Vs Capcom 2 New Age of Heroes, and the EAA version of Metamorphic Force to name but a few. If you need a refresher course on what Metamorphic Force looks like, you can check out a long-play version of the game from Svijet Longplays.

Additionally, there are games like Lethal Weapon 3‘s USA version 2.07 that have been added, along with plenty of poker and card games.

As for some of the new machines that were promoted from the “Not Working” status, we have Super 9 Sensory, Moto Frenzy, 1943: Batle For Midway Mark II and the super rare Kyuukoukabakugekitai – Dive Bomber Squad. There’s a long list of people who helped contribute to making the Dive Bomber Squad playable MAME, so be sure to give them your thanks if you come across them… they’re credited in the 0.175 changelog.

There are a ton of other small, medium and large changes made to the MAME worth checking out, but for the most part those of you interested in seeing the games at work and having fun in things like the Novi Retro Igre can get your hands on the newest version from the MAME downloads page.