Warcraft Film Prikolice Tease Garona, Durotan I Lothar

Uoči velikog lipnja 10th izdanju za predstojeće Warcraft film Duncan Jones, Legendary Pictures odlučio je promovirati film prikazivanjem malih 20 drugi isječci različitih vodećih likova iz filma. Najnoviji je Garona, polu-orkski ratnik koji je uspio preživjeti i pridružiti se ljudima.

Gamezone spotted the latest trailer that was posted up over on the Legendary Pictures YouTube channel. The clip is enjoying a healthy dose of feedback with a lot of “this is awesome” comments. You can check out the teaser for Garona below.

While it’s pretty obvious she joins up with the humans in the fight, things are a little more complicated than that. We previously see her captured, which means she’s likely one of the first to make her way away from the Orc horde who invade Azeroth.

As far timelines are concerned, the movie will take place well before the events of the first Warcraft game. And keep in mind that we’re talking about Warcraft the real-time strategy game, not World of Warcraft the MMORPG.

Oh but it doesn’t end there. There’s another teaser for Durotan, the leader of the Frostwolves tribe. He looks pretty badass and is probably the most standout character out of everyone they’ve showcased so far. You can check out the teaser below.

I know some people aren’t too keen on the 3D characters mixed with the real life humans, but we’ve already seen this interspecies mixture on film with flicks like Hobit i Star Wars, so it’s nothing new. With that said, some of the characters look pretty solid, such as Durotan above.

As for the humans, we see characters like Lothar from the human side showcased in teasers as well. You can check out his trailer below, which features 19 seconds of sword-slashing kick-buttery.

I tend to get the feeling that he may end up being the Aragon of the movie.

My only worry about this film is that I have no idea what the general cohesion is going to be like for the plot, which involves the Orcs trying to find a new home while waging war with the humans. Hopefully Jones and crew can manage to squeeze a cohesive story out of all of those characters within the span of two hours while avoiding cramping it up or turning it into a jumbled mess like Batman protiv Supermana: Dawn of Justice.

Kao što je spomenuto na vrhu članka, možete tražiti Warcraft to battle its way into theaters starting June 10th. You can order tickets or learn more by hitting up the Službena web stranica.