Mighty No. XNUMX Trailer Reminds Gamers That The Game Still Isn’t Out Yet

According to the latest trailer from Deep Silver and Comcept, Moćni Ne 9 će biti objavljen u lipnju 21st za kućne konzole i PC. The trailer takes jabs at itself and pokes fun at geek culture, but ultimately it’s a reminder that the game has been delayed in ways that should make both Deep Silver and Comcept rather embarrassed.

Originally set for release last year, Moćni Ne 9 is a Kickstarter project that has had more setbacks than the Dark Tower movie. The incessant delays has not only destroyed confidence in Moćni Ne 9 potentially turn out to be a good game, but has also wavered whatever faith the community had in Keiji Inafune’s Comcept. If they had originally said that the game was going to be a mid-XNUMX release as far back as XNUMX, then I think gamers could have been accepting of that, but constantly promising a release and then delaying it a month or two before it shelves did nothing but disparage fans.

Well, Deep Silver and Comcept apparently hope to mend bridges by letting anime fans know that they won’t be taking anyone as a date to the dance on prom night. You can check out the trailer below courtesy of Gamegeekz.

The trailer ends showing the Wii U, Xbox Jedan i PS4 verions of Moćni Ne 9. This likely means that the other versions will be delayed until further notice. I also wonder if the feature that caused the game to have been delayed for so long – the online multiplayer – will actually work as intended? It would be a real shame if players going to boot up the multiplayer found that it was either janky or didn’t work right.

U svakom slučaju, Moćni Ne 9 was originally supposed to be a successor to Mega Man since Capcom has completely crapped on the brand. Fans of the blue bomber have been left out in the cold, and Keiji Inafune and Comcept were supposed to restore faith in the concept of Mega Man s Moćni Ne 9… except, that doesn’t appear to be happening.

On the upside, if they can at least get the game up and out by June XNUMXst then that’s a milestone that they’ll have finally passed. It won’t excuse all the shenanigans leading up to release, but at least it’ll have been released.