Veliki Cascade, izbor-Driven avantura traži glasova na pari Greenlight

Najnoviji unos pogoditi Steam Greenlight izbor-based igra od morske planine igre pod nazivom Veliki Cascade. Igra ima za cilj pružiti igračima s višestrukim izborom sa slučajnih ishoda koji se mijenjaju ovisno o osobi, a ne moralnog sustava koji je scripted.

It’s safe to say that I don’t usually like games that give players arbitrary choices in preset, categorized  morality systems, which usually bars players from getting a certain ending or unlocking something of interest.

As elaborated in a note on the official Greenlight page, the devs go over how they want choices to be something that affects others without it locking things away, but creating a story around your actions.

“It’s not a morality system. It’s not a scripted story with branching paths. It’s a system of cause and effect. Characters have unique personality traits, memories, and goals, so they act and react differently. Your actions build your story.”

For a better glimpse of the Great Cascade, you can watch podmorske planine‘s trailer for the open world or choose your own adventure game below.

It’s worth keeping in mind that this is on Steam Greenlight, which isn’t bad at all, considering that the game doesn’t look like it was made in MS Paint. I know the graphic style is purposefully made to look like a game similar to Katamari Damacy, but all in all — to be developed by a small indie group — it is pretty interesting.

Adding on to the above, the devs crafted the game to be open world with landscapes that are big enough for players to explore. This world will also feature characters that remember your actions, and seek their own aspirations and goals, although I don’t know how smart they are.

Currently looking for votes on Greenlight, you can either help support the Veliki Cascade, or you can learn more about the devs and the game by visiting

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