Mafija 3 Set za puštanje na listopad 7th

2K Igre i Hangar 13 Studios objavio novu priču trailer za mafija III koji otkriva datum izlaska igre 7. listopada. Također daje malo više uvida u glavnog junaka i priču o osveti koja uključuje crnu i talijansku mafiju.

Pravi uspjesi spotted the latest trailer for the game, which continues the long line of perfectly done promotional trailers from Take-Two, with Dusty Springfield’s “Preacher Man” playing over a collage of clips that features the motivations behind Lincoln Clay forming his own gang and getting revenge against the Italian Mafia in the Louisiana in 1968. You can check out the trailer below.

Moram reći, ovo je prvi trailer za igru ​​koji zapravo izgleda okupiti sve različite elemente ere, likova i postavke, što ga čini puno smisla. Na neki način, to je gotovo izgleda kao jako hladno, rasno naplaćuje kriminalistička drama. Ja mogu iskopati.

While there are still some criticisms about the game’s content and story, a large majority of gamers are actually looking forward to the game. There are still people who feel as if it’s not really true to the Mafija brand, but they’re willing to get on board and see what else they have to offer in the game come October.

My only concern is that hopefully Clay isn’t turned into a super-hero anti-villain. The gameplay footage that has been let loose to the public seems terribly derivative so far, and hopefully we see something a little more tactical later on. Dumbed-down AI where players can mow down hundreds of them with ease takes away from a lot of the challenge and immersion. That was probably one of the biggest problems with Prototip; mogli povjetarac kroz opoziciju kao vilica preko sira.

We’ll see how well they iron out the difficulty when October 7th rolls around and the game is released for the Xbox Jedan, PS4 i PC.